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05 August 2013 @ 11:10 pm

Today I started the shakeology three day cleanse. And I feel amazing. A few times I was hungry but that was because I had to wait for my break at work.


I have energy but what I'm loving the most about it is how alert I feel. My brain is working! 

Also do you see the super ghetto blender? It always works when I want frozen margiritas or piña whateverrs. But the second I want to do anything good for my body it poops out. Needless to say, I bought a new one.

05 August 2013 @ 12:46 am

My boy friend told me once of this old man he knew who was super fit and looked young as hell. He asked him what his youth secret was. His reply was: the minute you stop moving is the minute you get old. What happeneds to water that doesn't move? it stagnates. And 


Remember when I said I was going to do something? That whole something instead of nothing thing? Well tomorrow marks the beginning. I'm going to be fit and eat healthy.


I'm startibg a 90 day challenge group. I'm going to work my butt off.


Also further goals in the making. Making stuff and playing music. And pass my optical tests. study. study. study.


08 July 2013 @ 02:49 pm

I have decided to be productive. I spend a lot of my time doing absolutly nothing. literally, nothing.  What a waste of time, and breath, and space. But the worst thing is its a waste of life, which could be beautiful. Im tired of being mediocre. Mediocrity killed the cat. Mediockitty. Bam.

06 February 2010 @ 11:23 pm

So I'm totally sleepy! These past few weeks were stressfull and shitty. January was crap. but February has been going good so far. And Valentine's day is coming up. Grady's gunna take me out then were going to a party. I like huge house partys. especially since its some kids birthday. I love not knowing the kid who's birthday it is. also I love the free booze cuz my bfs the Dj Huray!

18 January 2010 @ 10:10 am

I'm not gunman lie pixel pipe is the shit! u should go to their site and see if ur phone is suported. I bet u can do online shit to its kinda like um, wtf that one web site where u can update multiple sites at once. but better.

any way. good news is the live journal will be being updated far more often now!

the other night was lucid livings one year aniversery at the wisky bar. the power was out and we had to pee in the dark. but there were dollar beers and good music. Grady rocked the house! any way it was fun to get out and not have the baby. I love him, but living all the way out in the sticks is lame I need some adult interaction.

check out my mans show lucid living every Tuesday night from 9-1 at www.everydayjunglist.com

13 November 2009 @ 12:17 am
Suman Rizvi November 12 at 11:37pm
so i was stalking you and reading your live journal posts.
and all of a sudden i became really interested and wanting to know how your pregnancy trip was. and how the birth part of it was.
also, which online surveys do u do for money?
i'm currently out of a job.
miss you tons chicka.
hope you , your baby, and your bf are doing good :)

Ryan Dattoli November 12 at 10:16pm
hmm how was the pregnancy trip?

what like the whole being preggo thing. it was alright. and it was shitty. i was a fatty and it was hard to breathe and my tummy felt like it was eating its self and it was hard to poop! looking back at it it was enjoyable i guess but being it felt endless and crazy and wtf was i thinking!!!

or do u mean when they gave me those drugs ...stateol? or what ever when i was in labor? cuz that was a crazy trip! if i wasnt in pain, not that i cared cuz i was FUCKED up. it would have been a good trip. it was all full of hospital items all twerly kinda out of body dreamy like. it was weird. then i woke up and they gave me the epidural and then i had a baby. my room was full of so many motherfuckers, not like family but for the baby we thoiught he might have hemophilia so like all these nurses and different teams of dr's were there just in case. and then he poped out. i didnt push for that long. maybe 10 times? i dono i was fucked up! i just remember the lighs were rly bright in my eyes and i just concentrated on pushing. i dono that it hurt but it was uncomfortable and it was the worst when the babys sholders where comming out. and it was such a releif when he was finally out. they took him and weighed him and grady cut the cord. and then she went to sew me up i guess i ripped. i ripped 3 times!! once down the bottom of my vage but not all the way to my ass. and once up each of my lips!! but not alll the way through thank god! dont worry they look normal now! oh and also i was induced so i had to dialate before a certian amount of time or i had to get a c section. and i thought i wasnt gunna make it. but i did that was scary cuz i didnt want a c section. and i had to peeeeeee soooo bad the whole time and i coukdnt get up to go to the bathroom cuz i was connected to all this shit so the nurses had to keep bringing me a bed pan. i was so glad when they gave me the epidural cuz then they put the cathader in and i didnt have to worry about it. it was awesome. any way i didnt want to hold the baby untill i was sewed up. i was kinda in shock and trying not to think about how he could be sick! then we held him for a while then they took him away to do the baby check up thing. and then i was going to be transported to the recovery room. its like ur own lil hotel room it was cool! and the nurse was all u want help to get into this wheel chair and i was all nawh i got this. but i sooo didnt! but i didnt fall so it was all good. and before that when they took the baby away i was soooo hungry so i ate a shit ton of jello and fruit cocktail. but the drugs and the wheel chair made me soooo dizy!right when i got into the recovery bed i barfed all over the place!! it was gross. then i ate some more and felt better and prolly slept

they brought the baby back in and he was all rapped up w his lil hat and shit. he was adorible!! and grady held him and mom held him and such. it was awesome. i miss being in the hosipital. it was so sureal. and the baby was so good he just slept and looks so cute and quiet and awesome. and my mom was there. and you get free food brought to u all the time. and they would bring me perkasetts those pills are amazing
cept they made me hot. but my vage didnt hurt. cuz that shit hurt after! and even after i got outa the hospital it hurt! and the dr perscribed me hydros for at home but that shit dont work! it was sad. and then we had a party at my house w gradys family my family and our friends and it was fun cuz like every ones all making you feel all special and shit!

oh, and online surveys right. give me ur e mail and ill send you an invite. i get money when u join!! and u wont make a living off it! but u will make money and maybe even get free stuff!

also i just dyed my hair and i have a killer headach!

longest fb messg ever !
24 June 2009 @ 10:05 pm
had muh baby, hes cute:

hes sleeping right now. hes such a good baby. hes only pissed when hes poopin, or if hes super hungry. speaking of super hungry, im starved. now that i dont have a crazy appitite, i forget to eat. Oh, did you know, my little boy doesnt hsve hemophilia. how lucky is that? i mean we had 50/50 odds here.

also, i got a new computer, the other one crapped its self, which was long overdue. its one of those mini laptops. its a bad ass. also it has a web cam. so if any one wants to chat it up?!

also, i cleaned things today, i feel accomplished.
01 June 2009 @ 12:42 pm
So we have finally decided on a name. good thing too because im so close.

Eligh Alistar LeBlanc

what do you guys think?

also at 4am on the 3rd of june ima go to the hospital to get induced and pop this kid out. did u know todays the 1st!! its so close.

im excited. but scared too. i mean im scared for my vage. and for the baby. mostly the baby, but my poor vagina, and boobs. it hurts thinking about it actually.

my mommys on her way here from az. shes about to be in ft worth. so shes almost here!! and we still have 5 puppies. horrible, little creatures! but my mom will take one back with her so then well have four.
god its been so long since i have updated. i finally got the babies room in order. its pretty damn cute, let me tell ya. but theres so much laundry to do. i thought it was never ending before, now its gunna be crazy! it would be better if the machines werent down stairs.

also, im starving!

oh and theres preggo ryan pics
: click that shit
08 April 2009 @ 02:31 pm
a lot has been going on, i dont know why i havent been updating. laziness.

side note: i just found out the dallas does indie podcast is ending in september after 4 years :(

im seven months preggo now.

weird story, Luna, my bf's dog, also pregnant. she shouold have her pups any day now. i hope shell wait till mondayish tho, cuz i dont want her to be alone when shes has them. i kinda wanna be there to make sure she eats the sacks off em, and that their warm enough and such. grady and i are going out of town. he has two shows in austin. one on sat, a privet party w ak1200 and one on tues at plush.

i am sooo hungry. holy shit.

i got make up remover and maskara the other day. now i can make my face pretty and not just look like a fatty cow.

oh also in news. i lost my job. suposedly the kid said i hit him. but i didnt and hes the type of kid that would have said something to me, hes so oppionated and straight forward. I think the mom didnt like me. i mean she is a cop, and i am some knocked up bitch with a shaved head ( i always wore my hair down tho) so i think she made it up so she didnt have to feel bad abt fireing me. sux. so now i have no money. and i only have 25 dollers left. and its getting so close it my due date that its not even worth getting another job. but how will i make money? i do online surveys, they are sending me 24.80 in the mail. but, thats not enough to be an income. shitty.

also, i bought some roving double ended dreads off etsy in december and their still not here and the gal is giving me the run around. ima messg her again today. i really want them and they were semi expensive. wtf. if i dont get them im going to be super pissed off.

also, i want to dye my hair so bad. but the whole being pregnant thing kind of gets in the way.

ima go make food now. im pretty sure im starving.
22 February 2009 @ 10:20 am
Its four in the morning. And I'm at work. Sux! Last night grady went to a show where he met the austin guys in real life. And paied one of them back for some records he got. He didn't come home till three we spent abt 10 or 20 min togther. Then I had to go. The bad part tho, was tring to get to sleep w/o him last night. But since on the 4th ill be working a lot more then I won't see him for 3 days straight. It might kill us.

Also on the way here I ran over the deadest skunk. He was just over a hill and I didn't have time to miss him. The car smelled like asshole for miles. And now that I'm in this ladys house I swear sometimes I can still smell it. Its prolly me. I prolly smell of skunk rot. Huray!